Did You Hit a Rough Spot in the Road?

Our team can get things moving smoothly again

When you hit a pothole or other rough spot in the road, your car's suspension system cushions the interior of the vehicle from the full force of the bump. Without this system, even the smoothest road would be a much rougher ride. Resurrection Auto Repair LLC can help you keep that system well-maintained.

Discover how we can make your car run smoother with a suspension overhaul. Call 307-638-6336 for your appointment today.

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How to prevent issues with your suspension

Taking care of your springs and struts is an important part of vehicle maintenance. It's easy to focus only on the engine when you come in for maintenance, but other systems need attention to keep the whole car running right. Signs of a worn-out suspension system include:

  • Rocking or rattling while driving
  • Swerving or dipping when braking
  • Excessive vibration when steering
  • Uneven wear on your tires
  • Longer stopping distances
To correct these issues, it's important to have your suspension system checked.

Don't drive around on worn out struts and shocks. Set up a consultation today to get your car running smoothly again.