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At Resurrection Auto Repair LLC, we give our diesel motor customers the same high-quality service that our other drivers receive. Lots of vehicles use diesel fuel, including larger trucks, locomotives, and construction equipment, so there are plenty of potential customers. Our team is ready to take care of your diesel vehicles, including general maintenance, replacing glow plugs, and fuel filters. We'll take care of your transmission and even replace the motor if necessary.

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What makes diesel different?

You know there's a difference between gasoline and diesel engines, and you've seen diesel fuel pumps. But what exactly makes the two engines different? The main difference is how they use fuel. The diesel engine works using the following steps to ignite fuel:

  • Intake stroke: The intake valve opens, which lets in air and moves the piston down.
  • Compression stroke: The piston moves back up and compresses the air.
  • Combustion stroke: As the piston reaches the top, fuel is injected and ignites, forcing the piston back down.
  • Exhaust stroke: The piston moves back to the top, pushing out the exhaust through a valve.
A diesel engine uses compression to ignite the fuel, where a gasoline engine uses spark plugs.

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